At we are not blindfolded and with our heads in the sand.

We do not deny the reality of the climatic changes that the world faces.

We are fully aware that the actions of today, more than ever, define the tomorrow we will leave to our children and grandchildren, or worse, that we will do not leave.

At we believe that it is the duty of everyone to change their own behavior and attitude, positively influencing all those around us, and not leaving for tomorrow what can and should be done today.

 That is why, at a series of procedures have been implemented to help us in this immense task of changing course by creating a conscious and sustainable society

Environmental Sustainability

 At @, we are environmentally responsible 

·         We save energy - our work environment is air-conditioned between 19 and 23 º C and the employee must adjust the garment accordingly (ecology versus productivity and comfort); in the same way we use electrical energy carefully avoiding waste (only the spaces in use are illuminated, and we use LED lighting)

  • We save paper - we print only when necessary, we use the two sides of the sheet whenever possible, we use homemade post-its, etc .;

  •  We separate the waste for recycling - batteries, cardboard, various packaging, etc., we use waste from the destruction of documents without sensitive data to use them as packaging material;

  •  Priority is given to recycled and recyclable packaging material

  •   We use biodegradable products in cleaning, maintenance and hygiene routines

·         We sell organic products: we have, for example, a strong focus on products that use cork as raw material

Social Sustainability

At, we are socially responsible

A - Regarding our employees

·         We offer flexible hours to our employees, because we believe that in this way we are contributing to their quality of life and family.

  •  We believe in an open management, we welcome all suggestions from our employees.

  •  We always try to recognize the effort and good performance of all employees in a timely manner.

  • We promote, through internal and external training, the competence of all employees, because we believe that we foster their self-esteem and invest in their competence.

      • We often promote team meetings.

 B - Regarding our customers

·         We focus on the individual as part of society, even though we are an online store, we always privilege the direct contact with the clustomer, as closely as possible, since we believe in the importance of communication among human beings, in order to improve the quality of life for all.

  • We only ask our customers for the  necessary data to process the orders and we do not trade these data

  • We provide the customer with the maximum information we have about the products

         We incessantly seek customer satisfaction

  • by the speed with which the order is processed and sent;
  • by the information provided regarding this process;
  • by the quality of the product sent and its conditions of carriage;
  • by the information about possible customization
  • by the information given to the client on the questions posed by him;

In the implementation of our concept "SEU" (Be Special and Unique) - Our clients are for us very special and unique and it is based on this conviction that we work.

C- Regarding our suppliers and the banks

  • All the company's conduct with suppliers and banks is guided by honesty and ethics, with mandatory honest information  about products to the customers.

D - Regarding the State and Taxes 

  • All the company's conduct with the State and Taxes is governed by honesty and ethics

E - Regarding the community in which we are located

  •   At we know how important it is in local and regional development the money turnover in this same region;  thus as a consumer, we give priority to the community in which we are located; whenever possible, the firm uses local resources, both commercially and in terms of services.