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2.5 -The descriptions, dimensions, weights, compositions and other attributes presented in the site www.amesa.com.pt may suffer some variation.
2.6 -The photographs displayed on amesa.com.pt may not match the settings described. The reproduction of the colors of the articles is the closest to reality.        
WARNING: Due to computer color settings, browser software used or operating system and also the characteristics of the monitor used
 the colors of the articles displayed on @mesa.com. website may differ from its real colors. @mesa.com cannot be held responsible for any of such differences. 
02.7 - Product prices and specifications are subject to change without notice
02.8 - Despite the efforts of amesa.com.pt, some products in the catalog may be incorrectlypriced, so @ mesa.com-Helena Manso, Lda will check the prices whenever  processing the orders. If the price of the product is not the correct one, @ mesa.com will inform the CLIENT by email and wait for the CLIENT's decision to accept or cancel his/hers order.   
02.8.1 - If the customer accepts the new value he/she will be asked to pay the excess by choosing the customer the means of payment: or via PayPal generating @ amesa.com a request for money with an explicit description of the reason for it or via Bank Transfer     
02.8.2 - If the customer decides to cancel the order the amount paid will be returned immediately together with our apology for the happened
02.9 All prices quoted are in Euro (€).   
02.9.1 - The prices quoted include VAT  at the legal current Portugal's rate on the product presentation rate.
02.09.2 - Also when you click on the shopping cart the total value of the products in the cart (with Vat included) and the value of VAT that this value includes will appear on the right. On the left is the list of products and their respective values (including VAT).

02.9.3 - The value without Vat (tax incidence rate), the value of the Vat and the total amount will be broken down when completing the purchase, on the payment page.

02.9.4 - Customers from outside the European Union are exempt from paying the value of VAT provided that the billing and delivery addresses of the product are both outside of the EU.

02.10 - The @ mesa.com own’s stock is limited being the replacement of the articles conditioned to the stock available at the supplier. Therefore, sometimes the customer will be asked to order the item (pre-order) so that we can immediately order it from our supplier. You will find more information next to the respective product. Whenever it is possible to order an article run out of @ mesa.com’s stock  the system generates a message explaining the expected time until its availability (supplier delivery time).    
02.10.1. If there has been a stock breach at the supplier but the item may be replaced later, @ mesa.com will inform the CLIENT of the expected waiting time for its availability and it will be up to the CUSTOMER to decide if he/she wants to keep the order or if he/she wants to cancel. If the customer cancels the order the amount paid will be refunded immediately along with our apology for the event.     
02.10.2 - If the article is sold out at the supplier and can not be replaced but, due to our error (directly or due to poor communication with the supplier), the article continues to be present on the website, resulting in orders that can not be fulfilled, the value paid by the customer will be refunded immediately along with our apology for the event.
02.11 .- If before paying the customer does not contact @ mesa.com (through the support  line email contacto@amesa.com.pt) only after ordering (unexpected break of stock) or pre-ordering @ mesa.com will check the availability of the product(s) at the supplier. As mentioned above if the order can not be fulfilled within the deadline stated on the site, @ mesa.com will contact the CLIENT by email or telephone as soon as possible to proceed according to that said on 02.10.1 and / or 02.10. 2
02.12 - The immediate shipping capability of @ mesa.com is limited to the availability of existing stock. If the CUSTOMER's shopping basket includes products with different delivery dates, whether it is by the quantity of the same item or by the variety of items, it is considered by default that the CUSTOMER will receive the products in a later single delivery. The customer will be informed of the availability differential of the articles and he/she can choose to receive the products in several deliveries as the goods are available for shipping. Such an option will certainly result in an increase in the value of the shipping fees, which will be charged to the CLIENT.

02.13 - Except for the accounting documents the information relating to the customer/client account (e.g. confirmation messages, notices) will be sent to him/her only by electronic form via emails to the email address he/she provided when he/she proceeded to purchase the product or when he/she created his/her account.

03.1 - Standard articles
Along with each article you will usually find the indication of the expected delivery time either it is available in the stock of @ mesa.com or only in the stock of the supplier. Some of the products are subject to preeordering.
03.1.1 - Direct purchase on the website
                But you can also start by creating your account and then choosing the articles and placing them in the cart.
                When you create your account you will be asked for the same mandatory data and you will be presented with the same optional data that you will fill out or not. Registration ends with the creation of the combination user's e-mail and its password.

- In the address page the first line of each address (alias) refers to the name you want to give to the address below for ease of identification of the same
        - The first indicated address will be the billing address which will also be the delivery address if you do not give us another one. At any time you wish you can access "MY ACCOUNT" - "MY ADDRESSES" - and update or add the addresses that you need. - After the Customer has created his/hers account, the CUSTOMER will make purchases through it either by logging into the site by "Login", providing the combination of e-mail and password chosen in the act of creation of his/hers account, either by making the purchases and assuming the identification (email and password) at the time of finishing the order. - Choose the products you are looking for by browsing the Online Store or by using the search functionality; - Add the products you want to buy to the shopping cart, using the "buy" / "add to cart" option. Please refresh after each purchase if necessary. - Access the shopping cart using the "shopping cart" option, check the contents of the shopping cart and then use the "finalize purchase" option - Identify all the indispensable elements for the treatment and shipment of the order, ensuring that the data filled in the fields of mandatory information are correct - The orders will be sent by the carrier Nacex to the address indicated to us - the fee’s value is generated automatically by the system. - Complete the information and choose the options that are available during the check-out process: billing and delivery addresses (confirm that the delivery address is registered in your order when it is different from the registration/billing address), and payment method, etc. - Use the "finalize order" option, after checking all the information elements - Check the information elements of the order summary and use the "finalize order" option; -  At the end of your order, you will be presented with a field titled "Discount Coupon" where you must enter the coupon number if you have it.

At the end of your purchase you will also be presented with a field for additional notes and with the option for the product to be wrapped for offer. The cost of wrapping will be added to the final value.
If those are your wishes you can write some data (as gender and age) about the person whom the product will be gift to and @mesa.com will try to wrap it accordingly - When the payment of the product and its shipping fees is made the system automatically generates a 1st mail informing the customer  that his/her order was received and will be processed and which the shipping date will be. If the expected shipping date on that mail is later than that announced on the site next to the item and therefore the customer is no longer  interested in his/her order he/she has 24 hours to cancel it.To cancel his/her order the client must send an email to contacto@amesa.com.pt with this cancellation indication mentioning his/her order’s  number and the money he/she paid (good and shipping fees) will be refunded in full to him/her. After an order is shipped it is not possible to cancel it.
If there has been a stock breach at the supplier but the item may be reset late, @ mesa.com will inform the CLIENT of the expected waiting time for its availability and it will be up to the CUSTOMER to decide if he wants to keep the order or if he wants to cancel ; in this case the amount paid by the customer will be refunded immediately along with our apologies for that unfortunate happening (see.10.2.1)

If the article is exhausted at the supplier and can not be replaced but, due to our error (direct or poor communication with the supplier), the article continues to be present on the website, thus giving orders that can not be fulfilled, the amount paid by the customer will be refunded immediately along with our apologies for that unfortunate happening (see.10.2)

03.1.2 - Purchase by direct contact with the company - The order will run through e-mail exchanging. During this process the availability of the product, its delivery time and address, its atributes and costs (product and shipping fees)  will be set up.  The customer may also consider / request a gift wrapping which value will be added to the order. - The customer shall proceed with the payment of his/her order or pre-order. Proof of payment may be required to speed the process. - The order will be shipped  by Carrier as previously reported
03.2 - Customized Items
WARNING: please note that the right of withdrawal shall not apply in these articles, except in case of product defect.
03.2.1 - Customization for standard application (eg, embroidery, painting, etc.) - the value is included on the site and the cost will be calculated automatically by the program.
03.2.2 - “Tailor-made” - the process will run through e-mail exchanging. After definition of availability, address and shipping time, value of the final customized product (shipping fees included) , the customer must proceed with the payment. Proof of payment may be required to speed the process.
04.1 - PayPal - PayPal is one of the most widely used methods in internet shopping. PayPal can be used through your credit card, your debt card or even your bank account. These payments offer a high level of security and protection, both for the client and the supplier. In direct purchase on the website, payment ius immediate trough data generated automatically by the system. In purchase made by correspondence with Helena Manso Lda - @mesa.com.pt the money will be requested by Paypal and you have 3 consecutive days to proceed with the payment after which the order will be cancelled. After that date you should not  make the payment without contacting amesa.com.pt's customer support service again.To learn more about Paypal click here.

04.2 – VISA and MASTERCARD cards  – Due to the partnership between VISA and PayPal and MASTERCARD and PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account to use these credit or debit cards in your purchases on this site. The security of your transactions is guaranteed by PayPal

04.3 - Bank transfer - you can make the payment of your order by bank transfer.  Do not forget to identify your order on your payment. Proof of payment may be required to speed the process. The order will be shipped after our payment verification or receipt of proof.
   - You have 3 consecutive days to make the payment as long as you send us the receipt (in other words, only 1 day if you do not send the receipt as the money takes 2 days to reach our bank account and check its entry into that account)
. After this period, if the payment has not been made, the order will be considered null.

04.4 - ATM - You can also make payment by ATM. When choosing this payment method, the platform will automatically generate the 3 credentials that you must use in an ATM or via Homebanking.
       The 1st refers to@mesa.com as the beneficiary, the 2nd identifies your order and the 3rd is the amount due.

        You have 3 consecutive days to make the payment. After this period, if the payment has not been made, the order will be considered null.

        The  @mesa.com partner platform for ATM payments is Lusopay.
        Payment by ATM is is only available to customers with a Portuguese bank account.
        Payment by ATM is is only available to customers purchasing directly on the website.

An electronic invoice and the respective receipt will be previously sent to the customer, to the email address provided on the registration procedure. For reasons inherent in our billing program, the accounting documents can sometimes go to the SPAM box. The @ mesa.com-Helena Manso, Lda therefore asks the customer to please search your spam box if you do not receive them. Although our company has no responsibility for that fact @ mesa.com-Helena Manso Lda presents his apologies for the happened. If you need a duplicate do not hesitate to contact us.

The original documents in paper form will be inclosed with the customer’s items.

06.1 - VAT is applied following the legal tax to all products sold and shipped withinn the EU (intra-Community trade).
    All products sold to and shipped outside the European Union (extra-Comunity trade) are exempt from VAT (Article 14 of the VAT Code).
WARNING: billing and delivery adresses must be located outside the EU

06.2 -  Orders outside the European Union  may be subject to IMPORT DUTIES and/or TAXES, which are levied once the package reaches user's country ( buyer or addressee)
   Please contact your local customs office for more (detailed) information. @ mesa.com cannot predict which they are nor their value.
   Those additional charges will be directly collected by the destiny's country Custom Office.
06.3 - @mesa.com shipments are made according to Incoterm Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) which means that @mesa.com does not collect VAT, Duties or taxes/charges on orders to countries outside the European Union and cannot predict which particular charges may be.
   @mesa.com ships  Incoterm DDU orders,  meaning that Import Duties or other extra charges are excluded from the the value you are asked to pay online. The user/ addressee must pay this taxes /charges when upon receipt of your order or at a later date depending on his/hers country' customs authority

07.1 - Delivery fees are paid by the customer unless specifically stated otherwise.

WARNING: The shipping value automatically generated by the system is calculated based on weight only. However, in addition to the weight, for the final value of the postage, the volumetric weight is also important, that is, the sum of the 3 measures of the shipping volume: length + width + height measured in cm, and when this value exceeds 150 cm the the actual value of the postage goes to the overweight step of the order.

Thus, in those exceptional cases where the sum of the 3 measures of the shipping package exceeds 150 cm, there will be a marked discrepancy between the net weight of the product and its shipping weight so that the value of the shipping costs that will be expressed in the system corresponds to its real value.

If in the case of single-volume shipments, the system "bug" can thus be overcome in the vast majority of cases, in the case of shipments with two or more volumes, the calculation of the actual shipping costs requires consultation with the carrier.

If the shipping cost is higher than the value recorded in the system when ordering, the excess amount will be requested from the customer before shipping. The payment can be made through Paypal or bank transfer according to the customer's wishes.

Despite being totally oblivious to this system error, @mesa.com (Helena Manso, Lda) already apologizes for the inconvenience this "bug" can cause.

In case the customer does not accept the excess of the postage value, the order will not be dispatched and will be canceled by committing @ mesa.com (Helena Manso Lda) to return to the customer the amount already paid.

07.2 - By default products will be sent through the “Nacex” carrier. 

          If the Customer wish to pick up their purchase at our warehouse, he/she must choose that option when finalizing the purchase and must contact us previously by email contacto@amesa.com.pt, so their order is ready to be collected.

07.3 - Shipping time depends on the chosen product  - if it is an imediate available product (as stated on the website) the shipment will be immediate or almost immediate, if it is a pre-ordered  article the shipping time will depend on the time our supplier takes to release it.  

   Usually the expected availability time is displayed under the image of the good.

   We expect  however, that all the products are shipped within 15 days except those, even standard, handycrafted ones, that are only made after  preordering (even so, expected availability time will be displayed under them).

   In the case of an exhausted product that can not be shipped within the normal period of time, @ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Lda will contact the customer by email or telephone to inform the new delivery time of the product or alternative .
07.4 - During the registration process user is asked to define a billing address and one or more delivery addresses if he/she wants his/her order(s) to be delivered in an address different from the billing one.  If the user wishes that products are sent to more than one address, he/she shall place one order for each address.
WARNING: Poorly filled delivery addresses are customer's responsibility and can give rise to extra costs.

07.5 - When the order is shipped the system generates an automatic e-mail to notify the customer that the order has been shipped. A few hours later this email will be sent again, this time reissued with the number provided by the carrier for tracking the order (tracking number) placed in the appropriate field fot that purpose. 

07.5.1 When the order is destined to Portugal or Spain this number will be unique and with it the customer can track the order until its delivery. To do so follow the link  http://www.nacex.es/irSeguimento.do
and put the number you received in your shipment confirmation email: Nacex tracking numbers are formatted xxxx / xxxxx and must be placed in "Expeditions", the first four to the bar in the agency window and the rest after the bar in the shipping number window.


For orders destined for Portugal or Spain, delivery will be made up to 24/48h after the order has been shipped. At the moment the system does not have an alert message for the exact day and time of delivery and the customer must be guided by tracking the order to be available to receive it at the indicated delivery address.

07.5.2 When the order is destined for a country outside the Iberian Peninsula Nacex will deliver the order to one of the carriers with whom Nacex has an agreement for international shipments beyond the Iberian peninsula (partner carrier). Thus, the first number of follow-up that @ mesa.com provided the customer to follow their order looses its validity being replaced by another tracking number given by the carrier that will take the transport from Spain to its destination. @ mesa.com will send the customer this new tracking number as well as the name of the second carrier within 48 hours after the order has been delivered to the second carrier.

07.6 - It is implied to be someone at the indicated delivery address to receive the order.

07.6.1 - In Portugal and Spain if the customer is not at the indicated address and if the shipment is accompanied by a telephone number,  Nacex will make a telephone contact. If it is still not possible to deliver this procedure will be carried out three days, if the destination address has a mailbox accessible to the courier a notice with the contact of the agency that makes the delivery will be left so that the customer/addressee can contact the agency to agree the delivery. If the customer/addressee does not do so, the shipment will be retained in the agency for a maximum period of 15 days.

07.6.2 - In the rest of Europe and the World as mentioned above will be a carrier partner to make the delivery. Usually, but not guaranteed, three delivery attempts will be made, either by telephone contact or at your own address. If it is still not possible to deliver, if the destination address has a mailbox accessible to the post office, a notice will be left with the contact of the agency that makes the delivery if it exists so that the addressee can contact the agency and agree the delivery. If the customer/addressee does not do so, the shipment will be retained in the agency for a maximum period of 15 days. 

07.7 - If a customer wants to pick up their purchase at our warehouse , he/she shall contact us previously by email contacto@amesa.com.pt and wait for our answer to be sure that their purchase will be waiting to be collected.


a) On purchases made over the Internet on the @mesa.com.pt site, the customer has a period of 14 days (after the reception of the good) to rescind the contract without penalty and without giving any reason (Artigo 6º of the Decreto-Lei nº 143/2001 of the April 26th).

b) Unless otherwise agreed, this right shall not apply to:
    . Provision of services whose execution has begun, with the agreement of the consumer, before the expiry of the period provided for in paragraph 1 of the preceding article;
    . Provision of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in financial market rates which the supplier can not control;
    . Supply of goods made accordingly to supplier's specifications or manifestly personalized or which, by their nature, can not be reshipped or are likely to deteriorate or perish quickly, including but not limited to mattress protectors, duvet covers and cushions
Upon receipt of the order, the CLIENT has a period of 14 (fourteen) days to exchange or return the purchased product (s), provided that the following conditions are met. 

Warning: in case of the client or someone duly identified and mandated by him / her to pick up the product (s) in the facilities of @ mesa.com the 14 days begin counting from that moment; this is of particular relevance in case the product (s) is picked up per carrier chosen by the customer since the time starts to run from the moment the product (s) ) is (are) collected at our premises and not at the time the customer receives them.

08.1.01-  The Customer shall, within the period indicated in 8.1, send an e-mail to the Customer Support (contacto@amesa.com.pt) informing the invoice number and the code of the product (s) to return or exchange. Although by law the CLIENT does not need to indicate the reason to, @ mesa.com thanks if it is mentioned
08.1.02 - The product (s) to be returned or exchanged must be accompanied by the original packaging, duly protected in order not to be damaged during transport, and with the respective label (s) intact (s) ).
08.1.03- The costs of transport related to the exchange or return are the sole responsibility of the CLIENT, except for the situations of explicit error in the sending of any product or defect thereof.
08.1.04 -Products manufactured, configured or purchased according to the Customer's specifications (see paragraph b) of the right of withdrawal) are excepted from the provisions of item 8.1 immediately above, unless in case of defects in the product.
08.1.05- Any package received by @ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Lda without identification of the sender or sent to collection, will not be accepted.
08.1.06- The CUSTOMER shall send the return of his/hers order by official mail (CTT). The order must be registered since @ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Ltd  is not responsible for any loss of the merchandise. If the customer does not have access to CTT s he/she resides outside the national territory, he/she must agree with @mesa.com-Helena Manso, Lda which carrier to use for returning the order.
08.1.07- If returning the order the CUSTOMER must inform @ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Ltd and wait at least 3 (three) business days for the order to be received by the services of @ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Ltd.
07.1.08- The return address is as follows: Rua Estação Caminhos de Ferro 41A - 1º - Dto 7540-157 Santiago do Cacém  PORTUGAL
08.1.09- In case the above procedure is not performed correctly, @ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Ltd  may not accept the return or exchange of products.
08.1.10 -@ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Ltd  undertakes to reimburse the CLIENT within a maximum period of thirty (30) days after receipt of the return made in accordance with the previous numbers. 
08.1.11 - In case of return of an order after the respective shipment, @ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Ltd will not refund the shipping costs, and will only bear the shipping costs in case of shipping error.

08.2 - Exchange / Return by default or error

Always open the packaging carefully and without destroying the box.
Do not destroy and dispose of the packaging until you are sure that the product is intact.

In the case of a defective item and / or damaged packaging or an item that has been changed in relation to the order, the shipping and handling costs is the sole responsibility of @ mesa.com - Helena Manso Lda

08.2.01 - Orders with damaged packaging

Before signing the delivery, either at the destination address, or at a pick-up point of the carrier or its
agency, check the state of the package. If it is damaged, record on the carrier's waybill all anomalies
detected in the packaging (damaged box, dented corner, hole on one side, etc.). This act is mandatory to
activate the insurance in case it becomes necessary

Always open the packaging carefully and without destroying the box. 
Do not destroy and dispose of the packaging until you are sure that the product is intact.
If the product is damaged photograph:
The packaging box as if it were closed, taking care to photograph the NACEX carrier's seal,
The packaging, The product
Immediately inform @mesa.com (Helena Manso Lda) by email contacto@amesa.com.pt.
The claim must be submitted within 24 hours of receipt of the order.
Only with the prior registration of the damages to the packaging on the carrier's waybill and the
different photographs indicated above, namely those of the box with the seal of the carrier, we can
validate your claim.

08.2.02 - Damaged product or product with default  in a non-damaged package 

@mesa.com-Helena Manso, Lda follows the best practices in the packaging of its products. @mesa.com-
Helena Manso, Ltd also photographs the items in its in-box before closing it and in some cases records
several stages of the packaging process.
We therefore hope that all our products arrive in the best condition and without defects at their destination.

If despite all our efforts the product arrives damaged, the customer should contact @mesa.com.pt (Helena 
Manso, Lda) by mail contacto@amesa.com.pt within 24 hours after receiving the order, accompanying your
claim with photographs of the packaging box as if
it were closed, taking care to photograph the NACEX
carrier's seal, tke packaging and the product


09.1 - The Customer may submit its complaint directly to @ mesa.com by e-mail contacto@amesa.com.pt.  @ mesa.com.pt - Helena Manso, Lda commits to answer the customer within a maximum period of 7 working days. Helena Manso Lda sincerely hopes to be able to resolve by this means any claim that the client presents.
09.2 - Notwithstanding the client may always submit his complaint in the electronic complaints book through the link https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio/reclamacao. Helena Manso Lda - @ mesa.com is registered in the electronic complaints book with the number of economic operator 152021
10.1- The CLIENT authorizes @ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Lda to treat in an automated way the personal data provided in the respective registration and in the purchase order, in particular, by the use of cookies.
11.1 - The "newsletter" of @ mesa.com is given to emails with promotions, offers and information, sent directly to the user's mailbox, voluntarily provided to @ mesa.com - Helena Manso, Lda

11.2 - In order to receive the "Newsletter", the User / Client will have to subscribe and confirm its subscription. There are 3 possible ways to subscribe to the @mesa.com Newsletter: 

11.2.1 - On the homepage of the site you will find a field to write your e-mail address if you wish to subscribe to our Newsletter even if you are not our customer or user. You should then click on the word "subscribe" that is just ahead of the field 

11.2.2 - Throughout the process of a purchase without registration as a customer you will always find a field to write your e-mail address if you want to subscribe to our "Newsletter". You will then also have to click on the word "subscribe" that is just in front of the field.

11.2.3 - When registering as a customer 

11.3 - In any of the first two forms (visit to the site without purchase or registration or purchase without registration) you will immediately receive an "email validation" message with a link that you will have to follow to confirm your subscription.

11.4 - Upon confirmation of your subscription, you will receive a new "confirmation of the Newsletter" message in your email box, accompanied by our thanks for your subscription. 

11.5 - THE USER / CLIENT has the right at any time to suspend and / or cancel the request to send the "Newsletter". To modify their personal data and suspend and / or cancel the request to send the "Newsletter", the REGISTERED CLIENT must go to their registration and deactivate this option and the CLIENT NOT REGISTERED / USER should contact the Customer Support service through the email contacto@mesa.com.pt requesting the cancellation / suspension of the sending of the Newsletter.

12.1 - The information on this site is for information purposes and Helena Manso Ltd. makes every effort for it to be correct, up to date and useful. Nevertheless Helena Manso Ltd. cannot guarantee the absence of typographical errors or incorrect or insufficient information.
12.2 - Helena Manso Ltd. assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions with respect to products sold by this site, the client should carefully read all the information about the product and its conditions of use provided by the manufacturer.
12.3 - Helena Manso Ltd. assumes no responsibility, expressed or implicitly, in relation to any product traded through this site, in respect of guarantees owed by the manufacturer as well as for safety and compatibility of the product.
12.4 - This site may provide links to other websites - these links are presented to provide information and convenience. Helena Manso Lda is not responsible however for the information contained on them, or for their content.
12.5 - Helena Manso Lda assumes no responsibility for any delays or failure to comply with its obligations in situations over which it haas no control, namely:  
          - constraints imposed by carriers we work with     
          - strikes, lockouts or other labour disputes influencing orders shipment or delivery, both directly or indirectly
          - war, civil war, revolution, riot, government measures, terrorist acts
          - natural disasters
          - others
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13.1 - The orders and accounting documents to which they gave rise will be filed in reliable and sustainable support  so they can always be copied  and used as evidence


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   Alternatively, in compliance with the provisions of art. 18 of Law 144/2015, of September 8th, it is informed that the Alternative Dispute Resolution Body available is as follows:
Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa Campus de Campolide 1099-032 Lisboa
 "Faculty of Law of the New University of Lisbon Campus of Campolide 1099-032 Lisbon"
 e-mail: cniacc@unl.pt    telephone: 00351 213 847 844   
 mobile: 00351 919225540     fax: 0351 213 845 201